Mold, Asbestos, Lead and Biologics, Ideal can handle it all.

Ideal's Environmental Solutions Team offers you the peace of mind to know that whatever hazardous materials becomes exposed at your property during an emergency, Ideal can handle the remediation and abatement all in-house. From the simplest mold infestation to the most hazardous Asbestos, Lead and Biologics (including blood born pathogens) Ideal's highly professional and dedicated crew can handle the most challenging of circumstances to get your property safe and ready again for use. Ideal holds licenses for Asbestos, Lead and has the highest level of certification for Mold Remediation.

Ideal prides itself on the exceptional training programs its team participates in each year. We spend thousands of collective hours each year in learning new and safer techniques to handle hazardous materials as well as understanding new procedures and technologies that allow for a deeper clean for hospitals, laboratories and schools than available ever before.

In San Francisco, many older commercial and residential properties are riddled with hard to detect Asbestos and Lead. What makes this particularly dangerous is when construction or property damage occurs exposing the dormant hazardous material to become airborne. This can transfer hazardous materials though ceilings, walls and floors. If water comes into contact with Asbestos and Lead, Ideal's specially trained in-house team can assess, contain and conduct the abatement process within all Federal, State and City guidelines.

Hazardous environmental challenges in your properties can cause panic for occupants and property managers alike. Ideal's focus on safety and exceptional communication keeps all parties in the know so that they can have thorough and timely information they need to make an fully informed decision, helping you keep your staff and tenants safe and get you back to work.