How Ideal Keeps People Safe From COVID-19

If you manage any building, office, or property, keeping your staff, customers, residents, and patrons safe from COVID-19 is surely a top priority.

Naturally, you may have questions about the measures contractors and external partners are taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep people in your building safe. 

Ideal has over 8 years of experience with disinfecting pathogens and is leading the way with the most comprehensive COVID-19 prevention protocols in the industry. Our preventative measures start well before we arrive on the scene and extend even after we’ve left.

Before an engagement


With over 8 years of disinfection service experience, Ideal is the go-to company for disinfecting services for UCSF, Sutter Health, and San Francisco Department of Public Health. Ideal has unmatched expertise dealing with infectious pathogens, such as C.Diff, MRSA, Norovirus, and now SARS-CoV2. 

Many restoration companies have only begun offering disinfection services within the last year and lack the proper training, equipment, and experience to address these issues safely.



We invest heavily in our team’s education and equip our staff with the best PPE available to ensure everyone’s safety. Our team is ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) Accredited and Healthcare Remediator Certified by organizations such as The Linders Health Institute and Construction Infection Control Health Institute. We are prepared to safely address bodily fluid, blood-borne pathogens, and known carcinogens, ensuring their safe removal and meeting all ICRA standards.

During an engagement

Social Distancing

In vehicles: Even in our vehicles, we limit the number of technicians in our crew cabs to 2.

In-person: We handle all of our paperwork digitally, eliminating the need to hand anything to you physically, and we can begin and complete work without ever needing to meet face-to-face.


Anterooms: Before, during, and after a project, our technicians will suit up in an area that is safely outside of the work zone. We establish anterooms (disinfecting chambers) on-site and use these during our change ins and outs to ensure any soiled PPE does not leave the containment zone.

Demarcated work areas: We quickly establish demarcated work areas to keep people safe. Temporary containment solutions can be erected to prevent unauthorized access, prevent contamination, and reduce noise and dust while we work.

PPE: Ideal is well versed in the specific Personal Protective Equipment needs for every type of project we encounter. As your professional emergency services provider, all Ideal technicians respond with the proper PPE available in our vehicles. This will include the OSHA/CDC required masks or respirators; proper Tyvek or Tychem suits, depending on the contaminates involved; correct hand and foot protection and the knowledge of how to properly don and doff PPE to prevent cross-contamination of the worker or the unaffected environment.

After an engagement

Stringent Disinfection Process

After every engagement, our technicians are required to disinfect and change their PPE. Strict don and doffing processes are utilized to ensure technicians are not exposing your occupants to any contaminants. 

Equipment and PPE

When a job ends, all equipment and vehicles are treated with SteraMist, a leading disinfection agent proven to kill 99.9999% of viruses. Each piece of equipment is then wrapped in cellophane and stored in a controlled warehouse until the next engagement.


Area Disinfection 

At the client’s request, our team will disinfect all work areas upon project completion.

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