Introducing Ideal East Bay: A Second Home to Better Serve Our Customers

We are excited to announce that Ideal has opened a second location in San Leandro, CA.

At Ideal, we pride ourselves on delivering the fastest emergency response when our customers need us most. We have achieved our industry-leading 60-120 minute guaranteed response times through our strategically located SF headquarters. 

For years now, we have been eager to better serve our customers in the Richmond, Oakland, and Fremont metro areas by improving our response times even further. Investing in the communities of the East Bay by opening a second facility was a logical step forward.

Old Coverage Map

Old coverage map
Our old coverage map: Blue = 60 minute response, Yellow = 120 minute response

With two locations on both sides of the Bay, Ideal is able to provide a superior level of service that sets us miles apart from the competition. Ideal East Bay is not a satellite office with limited resources, staff and capabilities — it’s fully outfitted with all the equipment, vehicles and crews necessary to respond to any building emergency and in record time.

New Coverage Map

New coverage map
Our new, expanded coverage map: Blue = 60 minute response, Yellow = 120 minute response.

We are incredibly grateful for the warm reception we’ve received from the East Bay so far and are thrilled to be in a position to provide even better service to the community.

Are you in the East Bay? Get in touch with our team and schedule your emergency response plan today!