You know all too well the challenges of emergency building recovery. You have to communicate effectively with insurance companies and adhere to regulations.

It’s a challenging moment; we’re here to relieve some pressure.

Efficient & Timely

To minimize disruptions and ensure a clean, sterile, and controlled environment, our best-in-class attributes are essential for a quick return to normal research activities and client satisfaction.

Starts with your call

When you reach out to our 24/7 emergency service line, we immediately assess your situation and allocate resources while on the call. Our live ETA Response Tracker keeps you informed of our expected arrival time, guaranteed to be within 90 minutes.

Once you approve our estimate, provided after the initial assessment, we promptly start work. Every step we take is in accordance with our agreement and will align with your expectations.


You are informed and involved in your project’s progress every day, including any new developments, changes, and milestones.

  1. Always Here to TalkQuick response times are our promise, so any questions or concerns you have are addressed promptly.
  2. Clarity in Every MessageYou’re always well-informed with clear, detailed, and tailored information on your project. We adjust the frequency and depth to suit you.
  3. Immediate Issue ResolutionIf a problem pops up, we’re on it. You’re always promptly informed of our progress on resolutions.
  4. Feedback MattersYour opinion is solicited daily to make sure your needs and expectations are continuously met.
  5. Seamless Contractor CoordinationWe manage all that coordination for you, giving daily updates on these interactions and how they impact your project.

Quality Assurance

When your project is ready for reconstruction, we conduct a comprehensive quality assurance process customized to your requirements. These steps ensure you are well-informed throughout the remaining process and guarantee your complete satisfaction with both the quality and execution of the project.

  1. You’re Immediately NotifiedAs soon as we finish the work, we’ll promptly inform you using your preferred communication method—email, phone, or digital platform.
  2. Your Involvement in QualityOn significant projects, we conduct a quality walkthrough with you. Your inspection ensures we meet your expectations.
  3. Seamless Coordination with Third-Party ContractorsWhen we collaborate with contractors, we manage all coordination. This saves you time and cost and ensures a smooth completion.
  4. Transparent Billing ProcessAfter project completion, an invoice that breaks down services, material costs, and agreed charges is sent within 48-72 hours. Larger projects may have a phased payment plan.
  5. Valuing Your Feedback for Continuous ImprovementAfter project completion, we’ll reach out for your feedback. Your insights are crucial to improving our services within your industry.


If you don’t have a preferred contractor, we’ll connect the top San Francisco Bay Area contractors in our network who provide comprehensive reconstructive services. This model minimizes unnecessary demolition, reduces repair time and cost, and shortens the overall project duration without conflict of interest.

This coordinated approach is cost-effective, and it saves time.

Proactive Preparation

Before completing our work, we inform contractors of the necessary restoration, providing them adequate time to schedule their workforce, source materials, and arrange for any specialized equipment.

Specialization & Coordination Benefits

Synchronization with construction is vital for laboratories. This coordinated approach is a cost-effective, more predictable, and less disruptive process that allows for a quicker return to normalcy.

Laboratory Expertise

Choosing a team with laboratory expertise brings significant advantages for property operators.

Personalized Emergency Preparedness

Personalized Emergency Preparedness

Compliance with strict regulatory requirements is a crucial aspect of our services, reducing legal and financial risks.

Quicker Response

Quicker Response

Minimizing downtime is our priority, crucial for your business operations and revenue.

Advanced Techniques

Advanced Techniques

With the right resources and expertise, we effectively handle large-scale, complex restoration needs.

Professional Communication

Professional Communication

Expect clear, detailed, daily communication and reporting suitable for various stakeholders, including business owners and insurers.

Personalized Effective Services

Personalized Effective Services

We focus on building lasting relationships that translate into personalized, more effective services as we understand your property’s needs.

Enhanced Risk Management

Assurance for Insurance

Navigating insurance claims alone may cost entitled compensation. Avoid losses and maximize payouts through our insurance claim experts.

To get you right back is our priority.

This is a never-ending commitment to you and your stakeholders. If there are ways we need to improve, let me know.

– Jaclyn Carpenter, Chief Executive Officer of Ideal

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