As a privately run, locally operated business, we have the unique ability to gain deep knowledge of our customers and their properties, develop customized solutions, and provide the high-touch customer service they require.


At Ideal, we’re focused on what’s best for you and the people who count on you. Unlike other damage recovery companies, we work for you – not your insurance provider. And, we chose not to provide construction services, so we’re not incentivized to recommend demolition/reconstruction. Our goal is to help you save time and money, while delivering quality workmanship, attentive service and timely information – before, during and after a project.

Technical Mastery and Innovation

Ideal offers the highest levels of expertise in emergency building restoration and environmental remediation available. Every project team is staffed with highly trained and certified employees.  When a disaster or hazard impacts your facility, our specialists use industry-leading methodologies and equipment to quickly remediate, clean-up and decontaminate all impacted areas.

Trusted Advisor

With decades of specialization, we’ve gained a lot of knowledge that you can tap into – even before you face an emergency. When a disaster does occur, we take all the necessary steps to resolve the core problem and any secondary issues. We also advise you on preventative measures, so you can avoid further building damage or safety issues. Just as important, Ideal is your advocate and we’re always focused on your best interests.

Your Local Business Partner

Ideal is a privately-owned, locally operated and community-focused company that believes in nurturing long-term customer relationships. We’re firmly embedded in the San Francisco business community and understand the unique needs of Bay area commercial property operators. You’ll find it’s easier to do business with Ideal and utilize us as a strategic partner.

Safety, Compliance, and Sustainability

Ideal is committed to operating responsibly and helping our customers adhere to responsible business practices as well. When we take on a project, we take on the liability and make sure things are done right – so you can avoid fines, law suits and other penalties. Environmental sustainability is also important to us. We use the safest and most environmentally sound products available and practice a “restore versus rebuild” approach, focused on preserving a building’s core elements whenever possible, instead wasteful demolition.